Thursday, May 6, 2010

Te-hee-hee clever little me!

I am completely taken with myself, I could do a little dance. (Can you tell?) After only learning to crochet a few months ago, I just turned out these little perties. They're a pair of pants for my niece.(Or at least they will be when I finish them, I just couldn't wait to share.) Made out of a reclaimed vintage sheet and the crocheted trim I just invented as I went, done in Soya yarn. Its very much like cotton or bamboo -it has that starchy crunch about it, but its a little softer than cotton. Hey, simple pleasures, simple accomplishments. Snaps for me!


  1. well done!! looks great Bianca.

    i so wish i could ♥

  2. So clever, I love the fabric with the color of the yarn. Go ahead, do a little dance and shout, "Hurray Me!" Nicely done you!

  3. That looks lovely. I love mixing crochet with fabric.

  4. Om my! Those are going to be adorable! Fun and feminine- I'm sure she won't take them off. xo m.


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