Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It’s so totally unlike me to get distracted by life. Can you tell? I'd like to say I've been busy doing super important things, truth its, I kinda have been. Like deciding to pull my finger out of my laa dee dah, and finally go vegetarian.

With our recent ethical living pledge, it has just been the logical next step. In reality, the hypocrisy of ‘going green’ yet continuing to eat meat, really was too much. We* (husband and I) do not believe eating meat is wrong. It’s the method -modern factory farming that we object to. In addition to the environmental impact on farming meat for food. We've decided it is the best choice for us ethically, environmentally, and for our health.

We will continue to eat dairy and eggs - scrupulously sourced however, and I still have deep concerns over even organically reared dairy cows and their interaction with the veal industry that I am looking into.

We're also battling with a couple of issues which make us feel hypocritical. I.e. Pet food. It is in all reality probably supporting the very worst parts of the factory farming meat industry. But, I am not about to make my dog vegan. So again, something I am continuing to research, and if I find a suitable (ethical and economical) alternative, I will let you know!

I've been immersing myself in pantry preparedness, recipe collation, research and associated ethics based reading and viewing. My single biggest problem I think so far is beans. Not a fan. So, as each new recipe is trialed and meets with approval, I'll be sure to pop it on here.

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