Friday, November 6, 2009

Wishing does not make it sew, and the zen of the quick-unstictcher

Thinking about hexagon they actually go together...if the interest builds enough, I might even YouTube it. But for now, I am enjoying just thinking about do those seams fit?!..I know they're paper pieced but....just one of those things, when you do it, its like WOW that was easy! why did I think it was so hard...but right up until that point, the mechanics of it is just mind boggling....I am enjoying the puzzle.

Last night I pulled out the batik triangle "Quilt-in-progress-that-has-been-in-progress-for-EVER" and decided that the cotton I used was not good enough and the seams were not straight enough....(I've learnt a lot since starting that particular quilt - number one amongst them is to not use embroidery thread to seam together a quilt even if the metallic green colour was super awesome-Yep THAT is why the thread kept breaking.) So even though it was ready for the rows to be pieced, I unpicked it all. So now it is a new project, not an old one that I haven't finished, it has taken on a different dynamic. But poop, now all the triangles need to be trimmed down.

Its funny how unpicking can either be intensely irritating or deeply meditative dependant entirely on the situation....I must say, cutting out... that pretty much sux all the time. Makes me wish pattern templates came like cookie cutters, but alas, wishing does not make it sew.

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