Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OK, A Post finally!

This quilt has been approximately 6 years in the making. Not because it was particularly difficult, it was not, it was just one of those projects I was never in a hurry to finish. The recent arrival of my niece Mackenzie Adeline Denney, put the wind up me, and I finally sandwiched it (a task I had been dreading) and bound it (a task I thought would have been scary but turns out not so much! SNAPS! I love bias binding, now have tools in assorted sizes and contemplating building a funky bias binding stash!! BUT, I digress!)

This is all 100% cottons, except the wadding, I might have used bamboo
.... I can't remember.
I have two more quilts to finish, well one and a half really, as well as a number of finished misc projects to post here. -So, as soon as the urge to create leaves me and I am left with the desire to Blog about said creations, I will 'get em on ere'

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