Friday, November 20, 2009

My creative Space. Complete with cats and associated dreadlocks.

Pity I didn't think to take a picture before I cleaned it up, it was the stuff legends are made of.

….Imagine if you will, a room 5m by 5m (approx) where you can not see the carpet to even know it exists…Where fabric and yarn is strewn amongst pottery tools, half completed projects, and a table that you can't get to. There's a minefield of pins and other miscellaneous sharp, sticky or squishy objects you need to negotiate to even open the door, and once you do, you're likely to find a cat nest in amongst the wool…..or your stash of fusible interfacing that is now effectively useless!!! (Thanks Stella) We don't even talk about the half completed knitted blanket I had stored 'safely' (or so I thought) between knitting urges that was smooched and prodded and loved to unravelment (snaps Emelda).

You get the idea…the room was a pigsty…and there was very little creativeness happening, (unless you consider the pure immensity of the disorganisation of it all a work of art in its own right) What was going on? I am Virgo, I thrive on organising things!! -I organise things so thoroughly that often times by the time I finish organising, I have lost the motivation to do the actual doing, so then begins the organisation of a new project! It’s a vicious cycle. So, the other night in a fit of Virgo inspiration (new moons have the proclivity to put me into neurotic organisation and cleaning moods) I went into overdrive and overhauled 'my art room'

Now… there ain't no keeping the cats out of there, it’s the sunniest loveliest place in the house. And fact is, (despite all those pet free smoke free labels I see =fun free) I wouldn’t have it any other way….unless there is a cat within reach licking its bum while you're knitting, (and occasionally having a tug on the wool even though they know they're going to get growled at…you can see the calculation behind their eyes as they weigh up the intense desire to snatch that wool and kick it up in the air VS the swift flick and growl that will invariably follow said act of mischievousness) well anyway, as I was saying, crafting without a cat in reach, just doesna feel right to me.

Really, I just enjoy their company, (Well at least, I like Stella's company -she's my cat -as scabby and beaudiful as they come - we got her from the animal welfare league and she has minor psychological issues …..Emelda is my husbands…little miss pedigree perfect personification of who exactly a cat should be…Epiphany…..we ARE our cats….

I digress again…anyway….so... they add life to the room while I am not in there and stops the energy from going stale. However, they have their own unique problems…number one Cat hair…..number two…..their propensity to smooch and claw anything they find desirably texturous…..

So…. (I like to use …'s a lot in my writing, it helps to build suspense). ….SO…after a trip to Ikea and a fortune of funds spent on cat proof storage that could have been spent on craft supplies… supplies are as cat proof as can possibly be, and analy retentively organised ...and well, I if I can't stop the cats sleeping on the current project I am working on and dropping dreadlocks everywhere they sit, I can at least wash the hair off….and I am happy enough with that concession to their company.

Love my cats (not to mention my big fat stinky scabby dog who I love almost as much as my husband, who's most recent trip to the vet cost me more than a brand new nifty electronic sewing machine…His name is no longer Jaxon, It is Janome.) Love my animals, love my crafts….below is the space where it all comes together.

My super organised shelf, My so far not too badly cluttered desk space, Cat number 1, Stella and Cat Number 2, Emelda.


  1. Hi Bianca
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    From one neurotic virgo to another, I look forward to reading about your misadventures!!


  2. I love your virgo organised shelf!
    I remember years ago (sigh..she is no longer with us) my cat somehow manage to wind cotton from my sewing machine around and around the legs of my round table....i was gone for a spell, and entered the room to see the mishap, and hilarity!
    thanks for coming over earlier today, not quiet the huon vally, but close! well guessed!


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