Thursday, February 11, 2010

Confessions of a painted lady

I am a craft whore.

I have exceedingly loose associations with various mediums which has left me in a state of blogged neglectedness. I have that many projects on the go in various stages of completion that I am going to have to 'gulp' prioritize. I am also doing a Visual Arts course at nights at tafe. So any crafty moments I can spare are quickly snavelled up.

This will therefore be my progress report. The plan? With the exception of tafe projects, I will undertake no new (eeek) projects until the following are complete;

  • Granny Square Blanket inspired by Tamara over here
  • Juxtaposed printed beautifullness quilt....may even try my hand at hand quilting, however, said hand quilting is excluded from the all else excluded list.
  • Get the button on my nephew’s darn crayon scroll.
  • Finish the 2 cushions for my brother. (3/4 complete)
  • The knitted in the round basket inspired by Amybel over here I've nearly finished this too, just to the point where I am down to double ended needles -which I've not done before, so its kind of stalled right about there.
  • Paper Mache project undertaking with Liv.
  • Moxy Fox proto-type.
Stay tuned for photo's.

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  1. I can relate to this post so much! I am even reading 3 books at the moment about 3 different mediums printing/crochet/sewing. Good for you for writing a list and making yourself accountable. I might have to do the same. Have a great weekend. X


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