Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…

Been doin 'stuff'.

                            Such as....

Hanging out with my two fav boys. (My Mr is on the left, my brother Jem on the right)

Daydreaming on river beds. (Yep, my legs could just about glow in the dark they're that white)

Stepping on Lizards - this guy lives under my bath tub garden. Adam named him Eugene. 

Lots of cooking, but my cooking photo's never turn out.

Breaking computers. (no, it was not the first time I'd seen that screen.....turns out ignoring it and pretending like it never happened....not the way to go.) Good thing I married a programmer.

Bushwalking.... As a rule, Adam doesn't enjoy bushwalking or photo's as much as me.

Thinking of manifestation mandala's and finding inspiration in unlikely places.

Making new friends (not really, these guys have lived at my place since the little one (Nix) was born, they've only just started eating out of our hands though.....yep, they are Taco's they're eating -they decided on new years eve to join the party. The mum (Stevie) is blind in one eye and likes to steal food from my dog Jaxon, who is blind in both eyes.

Getting evacuated to higher ground (work that is, home friends and family are all safe) and seeing the raw power of mother nature first hand.




And amongst other things, thats me up to date for the past two months or so....

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  1. Yay! Welcome back! I love your blog and was wondering if you were coming back. Looks like you were busy living. Not a bad thing to do ;)


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