Thursday, January 20, 2011

My creative space

I've been very productive over the past couple of weeks. You'd be amazed at how many spare hours there are in the day when you don't watch TV. Add to that the fact that you can use ibooks on your iphone to take patterns with you ANYWHERE!!! you can knit/crochet in the most inappropriate places. 5 crocheted soakers and a couple of pairs of lacy crochet knee high stockings from a pattern I found on the web but have since lost!! (and just found again!)

I've knitted 3 baby jumpers, including one of my own design and one with raglan sleeves. Made many unsuccessful attempts at longies (I am yet to master the knit in the round joining last attempt saw me cut the cable of my circular needles down to 10cm trying to get the stitches to fit but still to no avail -something to work on!) But I did learn, long tail cast on, M1, SKPO and a couple of other random abbreviations which when translated to actual stitchery aren’t as complicated as they initially sound.

I've also been dabbling in water colour, felting using resists, oh, and crocheting a blanket in a pooey bile kind of coloured pure wool which by all reason should be on the top ten list of most fugly colours, but which, for some uncanny reason, I can't help loving....I know its ugly. I just can't help myself.

Excuse the picture quality, Its pretty gloomy here at the moment and the lighting really does nothing to demonstrate the delightful ugliness of that shade of...70's yellow, ocre, goldy....whatever.

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  1. oh you're one of those clever knitter I envy - I loved soule mama's post the other day about how many jumpers she knitted last year (and then all the comments reminding her of the ones she'd forgotten!!).
    Perhaps you could call that shade 'pale moss'?? hmmm, perhaps not...

  2. Those fugly colours make all the beautiful colours look better still...ugliness does that...just place a model next to a middle aged person like me!! lol ...just look at how it brings out the turquoise on the handle of your basket...georgeous combination!

  3. LOVE that basket off yummy yarny goodness.
    Are you having a baby or are lots of your friends??
    Very exciting either way.
    Looking forward to seeing your Pebble. X

  4. Those look amazing. I love the different color yarns and I can't believe how productive you've been...I wish I was half that productive.

  5. Funny I like that yellow baby poo colour too!.....:)

    I love the basket of knitted stuff beautiful photo..:)

  6. love the image of the full basket Bianca!
    you have been very busy.
    lots of babies going around??

    happy Feb to you ♥


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