Sunday, October 24, 2010

Un-Pattern Pants

I am almost incapable of reading a pattern. I do much better using a diagram, I think my brain just finds it hard to convert the 2D into 3D whereas a diagram is somewhere in between. For that reason, I find that I am advancing much faster in my crochet skills than I am my knitting. I have a number of unfinished projects in both mediums because I have come to a part of a pattern that I just can't 'get'. I've been fiddling and faffing lately and have come to realise (well in crochet for the most part, not so much knitting) is p-easy to pretty much make up your own pattern visually as you go along. Then you don't have to worry about reading anything and trying to convert the 2D directions into the 3D realm of existence. 

As I am making most of these projects for our future babies, the hardest part is gauging size. I can measure most by using my one year old niece as a 'template'  (ie. too small for one, too big for one...mmm that means some where in between, that'll do!) This is my latest adventure. I am calling them the Unpants. Unpants because they were never a pattern, and because I deliberately made them a bit short, so they're not quite shorts, not quite pants but somewhere in between. These little babies were made out of a super soft Merino Cashmere blend yarn. (Just 2x50g balls) Delish.

I do plan to draft an actual pattern from these so I can do some more (now that i know how without a pattern) and I will share it for anyone interested once I've committed it to writing. Pardon the action shots, such is the life of a one year old.

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  1. Wow, I saw I had missed a few posts when I was away for only four days! So i thought I'd come back and read them all when I had time to enjoy...
    these little pants are just adorable... love everything about them!!! And your niece is so cute, I just want to blow a big raspberry into her little tummy!!!! Awwwwww!!!


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