Thursday, August 5, 2010

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It’s been a slow relaxing last few days, early nights after work and a do nothing in particular weekend. The do nothing in particular part came more from a feeling of 'eh' (that is, total indecision) I felt like crocheting, but wasn't keen on the conformity of a pattern. So, I picked up an old pure wool scarf -which I must say, was particularly difficult to unravel, and began to randomly crochet. -The larger of the two bowls is what resulted, and I am pretty happy with the results. -I just used alternating rows of double crochet and single crochet, increasing and decreasing depending on how the bowl was shaping.

Once felted, it is still pretty floppy - it holds its shape once blocked, but has no real rigidity. So I did a take two with the smaller red bowl -designed specifically to house my keeper, in earthy tones and reds. This one I used single crochet for most of it and it is much more rigid than the larger bowl, .. But still not quite ‘there’.

Even so, I am especially happy with the way they've felted (my rainbow slippers here, being an epic fail –I think they’d been through the wash too many times prior and had lost a lot of their inner fluff) I started them off by hand and then chucked them in the wash with a load of towels. I think next time though; I will use a double strand of wool for extra, extra rigidity.

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  1. I love them...:)
    I've alway wanted to make these felt bowls. I just can't seem to get my brain around crochet. I would love to learn and I have been shown many times but I just seem to make knots LOL.....:)

    I have been enjoying reading back on your previous posts. I haven't had much time on the computer lately. So Im catching up now..:)

  2. Great bowls!! I can't believe this is the result of 'random crocheting'!! Fantastic!

  3. Your bowls have turned out beautifully!
    Gosh, throwing things in with the other washing that need extra care sounds familiar,lol. :)

  4. oh wow your bowls are just beautiful!

  5. Nice bowls. I love the colours! I crocheted a hat the other day but it turned out weird and looked silly on me. I now use it to hold one of my crochet projects and I should try felting it. I wonder if I can felt a linen/wool/acrylic yarn???... Ps. thanks for visiting my blog. I am planning on sharing my pattern for my balls... one day! Stay tuned!

  6. i lOVE your bowls. perfect for the crystals! speaking of gems..i lost my favorite moonstone ring. is it true that is a sign to wear another gem ?

  7. and i love your booby buddha.
    and that is a good idea to house the keeper.
    mine is now sunfaded...

  8. I lOVE your bowls. The colours of the larger one are gorgeous.

    We recieved your parcel the other day. THANK YOU! Little Eco and I love the book. We've been reading it together regularly. And thanks for all the extra's :-)

  9. Gorgeous felted bowls and love your blog - I am in seed envy now! Must get out my cateloges and get ordering.

  10. Very pretty! And congrats on the arrival of your seeds. Happy planting. xo m.

  11. Hi Bianca, You won my giveaway! Check your gmail account for an email from me.... Congrats! Sam xox


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