Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It’s a time of transition at our place at the moment, the air is crackling with potentiality.

We're waiting for big news which may propel us down a path towards our dreams. Or not.

We've just received news that means we're going to have to move from our home -the ending to the past 5 years of our lives.

Everything is up in the air and interconected. We wait.

In the blink of an eye, I am going from elation at the potential to tears at what we're moving on from.

And fear that it could all fall through or that given the opportunity, we might make the wrong decsion. Trying not to get my hopes up, trying not to get my hopes down.

This will be the next 3 months of our lives.


  1. Hi Bianca,
    I hope everything works out to your advantage. I'm sure the change will open up many new possibilities for you.

  2. It's funny how change can be so daunting and exhilarating all at once sometimes. I'm putting out there that it will be a wonderful thing for you. xo :)

  3. The uncertainty is a killer isn't it!
    My partner's motto in moments like these is: "If it's for the highest good, it will happen"
    Best of luck

  4. Bianca...
    WOW. What a huge change, 5 years is such a long time.
    I pulled a card for you from my Angels Gods and Goddesses deck... energy was flowing through me! The cards are getting all messy like I'm going to drop them... and what do I pull but the Angel of New Life. An exciting new chapter in your life is about to unfold. (So it is!)
    "The angel of new life is here to announce that a new chapter of your life is about to unflod. Over the coming days and weeks you will begin to feel a renewed sense of clarity, purpose and direction. New, magical and exciting things begin to happen as you are intuitively guided to explore new avenues and possibilities for your life. Through this process you will uncover aspects of yourself you didn't know you had. Embrace this new and exciting period of your life and know that the past is now behind you. Your life is forever changing and you are forever evolving to ever greater spheres of light and love through the wonderous spirit of creation. Enjoy the journey and the blessings coming your way."
    A shout out also from the Goddess of KNowledge, who says
    " The G of K has appeared in your reading today to encourage you to pull out all the wonderful knowledge that you already posess to good use. You do not need to do further courses and obtain firther certificates or accreditation in order to be effective in the work you would like to do. Simply start doing it now. Start to apply what you already know and trust your intuition. Focus on love and light and ask the universe to guide you."
    Good luck Bianca... change is both exciting and frightening... can't wait to see your new life unfold XXXXX

  5. Crossroads are always so exciting, nerve-wracking, heartfelt and emotional. It's so tough when decisions have to be made that so profoundly affect your life. But, man, isn't this living!!!! I hope it all works out for you.


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