Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ultimate breadmaking

A little Gem I picked up at the op shop the other week. For $1!! As well as having recipes for all sorts of breads from all sorts of ingredients, this book goes into the science and history behind bread making and the pro's and cons of different flours and ingredients, Its been a really interesting read. The author is considered one of Australia's premier artisan bakers - I found his blog here. I can't wait to try out the recipes. My kitchen bench isn't conducive to bread making/kneading (It's tiled and really narrow) but I am restoring a lovely farm style table, and the minute that baby is in my kitchen, I am going to lather it with flour!


  1. ooohh, great book!
    looking forward to hearing how you go with the recipes.

  2. Good luck with both the bread and the table. My favorite bread to make is english muffin bread. Nothing beats it with a strong cup of coffee. Looking forward to following your blog, it's very neat.



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