Monday, July 5, 2010

Humble beginnings

The beginings of my urban garden. Everything I grow is in pots at the moment. I have an old bathtub, which make awesome planters for raised veggie patches ready to go once I build a frame for it to make it look a little prettier.  These pics are actually from a couple last week.


  1. nothing better than an urban veggie patch & that's a great start.
    ours isn't looking too full at the moment, we have most fenced around so the chickens don't get to it. they like to nibble on a bit of lettuce :)
    have a great week Bianca

  2. What a lovely crop of lettuce!!
    Its amazing how much you can grow in containers. And weeding isn't an issue :-)

  3. Yum!....
    Your lettuce look so healthy....
    My butter lettuce was realy bitter last season....


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