Friday, July 2, 2010

Little Nugget!!

The girls have been off the lay from when we got them, being stressed from entering a new alien world outside the factory farm, as well as it being winter, but just one week after settling in to their new homes, we got this little nugget....

Poe (the boss) was the first to lay an egg, after much fretting about the yard trying to figure out where the appropriate place was. Realising why she was upset, I locked her in the coop while she sorted herself out.

We've left it in the box for the time being, hopefully it will encourage the others to lay in the same place.

The girls are also learning anew how to scratch and forage.

And dust bathe!


Nim hangs out most of the day with Jaxon Black Dog. She wants as little to do with the other chickens as they want with her, and that suits her well enough for now.


  1. i love watching chickens, they are hilarious with the dust baths.
    ours have been malting a little lately & not laying.
    I wonder if they get cold in winter?
    have a great day Bianca

  2. How wonderful your first egg. That is a good sign they are settling in. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. oooh! I love chickens! I'm transitioning from a long time vegetarian lifestyle into veganism... ooh it can be hard... I have to admit I've been eating eggs again after a few months of being vegan... it still feels a bit funny and I can't wait to have my own chooks so I know they're treated with love! I had a couple a few years ago before moving back to the city, and discovered that fibre makes them lay more eggs! Whaddya know!? I was totally surprised, good old fibre is good for everything. Enjoy your eggs and have a lovely day!


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