Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For years I have collected magazines such as Earth Garden, and Grass Roots, read books and articles on self sufficiency and have daydreamed of a property of my own -a few acres of paradise on which to plant a green, productive Utopia. The reality is, I live 2 k's out of Brisbane city CBD, in a house we rent (and love), with a backyard swallowed almost entirely by a 20 year thick blanket of pine needles, and we've no intention of moving any time soon. So I've had a silent unrealised longing that rears its head every few months manifested in an insane sense of disconnectedness, restlessness and sense of mispurpose.

A feeling that I am not leading the life I should, that something is missing.

It has been a slow realisation -and at times an emotional rollercoaster, but these past few months - reading other 'green' blogs, taking my conscious living pledge and becoming vegetarian, its like a veil has been lifted and I have clarity.

It's not about getting to the point in my life where I have the lifestyle I want. Its about bringing the lifestyle I want to this point in my life.

“Drink wine…this is life eternal;
this is all that youth will give you.
It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends.
Be happy for this moment; this moment is your life….”
-Omar Khayyam

I don't need 5 acres of land in the mountains to feel connectedness to the earth and her seasons, to be self sufficient, to lead a greener, healthier lifestyle. Its not an all or nothing deal. The true challenge lays in bringing this way of life in the ways that I can, to the city.

I will attempt to share here what I am doing - the reality is, I have been too busy doing to be writing about doing, but I will try to capture it in parts -in pictures if not words, and I hope to inspire other people to bring the dream to the city the same way I have been inspired by blogs such as The Greening of Gavin, ecoMILF, towards sustainability, down---to---earth and little eco footprints among others.

I can do it here, in my little city house, and it has begun.

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