Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I don't have highly formed opinions on religion of any denomination, in terms of my own faith and how it applies to me, I take bits and pieces of what I feel to be 'truth' from each as I come across it. I suppose to sum it up, 'energy' based theories - be that Karma, Chi, yin and yang, as well as the male and female forces of nature as they're presented in earth based religions such as paganism and Wicca speak most to me.

"Oogabooga" my husband calls it. (My husband, who is quite happy to wear an amber necklace to help with his headaches, ducks under the crystal hanging in our hall way as a matter of course and asks for an essential oil "potion" when he is feeling off balance) I am quite happy to exist without a label. I don't fit into any 'box'. I do believe strongly in balance and spirals of energy as they exist in nature and I believe real disharmony and illness can result as a lack of balance.

I wear crystals, I practice meditation, I sleep with my windows and curtains open on a full moon. I use aromatherapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractor, acupuncture and Reiki to heal myself when I feel out of balance.

A particularly helpful tool I find is the test below - I take it every few weeks, it works like a barometer on my emotional state and helps to keep me honest about how I am really feeling. It’s easy to pretend to yourself. Give it a shot; see what it says about you. Don’t be overly concerned initially, give it a go again in another few weeks, watch the patterns emerge. I find it really insightful into my emotional state and how that translates to my physical health. If you do too, then great!


  1. My son and I have been having Craniosacral therapy. Wow it made a difference.
    Thanks for the link. Im going to check it out...:)

  2. wonderful link...thank you thank you!
    I've been feeling very off balance as of late, and need to make it a priority to fix it!
    Maureen xo

  3. thanks for this. it was pretty spot on. i need to do some chakra opening and meditation. xx


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