Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have sheet envy of Kate over at Foxs Lane
Small expectations I had when I set off on my op shopping mission this morning. It would appear however, the Op shop Fae saw fit to smile upon me today. 

I am sitting on my couch with a cup of tea, listening to bliss for the ears, secretly smiling to myself. I am totally chuffed at my haul of thrifted treasures.

I now have some lovely vintage sheets to add to my sewing stash, two hand towels that I had to buy as they are identical to ones I can remember my Grandma Elsie having. (Undoubtedly she has them still) As well as a styling little pottery sugar bowl.

And indeed the whole purpose behind said op shopping trip, Scabby Dog has a pure wool purple blanket to cushion his precious old bones from the chilly winter floor... I secretly have plans for adding a contrasting crocheted edging that I've no doubt he will be thoroughly unimpressed with.

** A note on Scabby dog; he is a cancer survivor. He is 3/4 blind, a little bit deaf, missing patches of fur and his front teeth after a lifelong skin condition. He is the happiest, most beautiful and kindest soul you'll ever have the fortune of meeting.**


  1. Hooray! They are fabulous finds.I wonder if hubby got left behind this time. And look how happy that lovely Scabby dog is. Can't wait to see his blankie with the crocheted edging.

  2. Aww Scabby dog looks so comfy! And so much like my black lab - complete with missing patches of fur :)


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