Friday, April 30, 2010

Blessings for the darker half of the year to come.

At 5:29pm (Brisbane time) the sun will set on the lighter half of the year as we move into the darker half. For us here in the Southern hemisphere, tonight begins Samhain, also known as Halloween, (All Hallows Eve) All Souls Night, Last/Blood Harvest, Ancestor Night, Feast of the Dead, Nos Galan Gaeaf (Welsh) and undoubtedly known by many other names in as many places and times.
Faith irrelevantly, it marks undeniably a time of transition, as seasons meld into each other, when the balance between life and death is obvious. 

However you chose to mark or ritualise the passing of the seasons, spare a moment to appreciate the flow of life around us, especially evident in the night sky tonight with the Full Moon in Scorpio.

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