Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Freestyle Veggie Pasta

A lill somepin somepin I knocked up last night. It doesn’t have a name. My spur of the moment creations which are invariably a juxtaposition of what ever I happen to have on hand at the time because I canna be bothered going to the shop are rarely a culinary success. This one, being the exception to a long standing rule is really yummy and will definately make a reappearance on the menu -probably at the end of the week when I still have a glut of roastable vegetables before market day the next day.

Now, live a little dangerously, there are not exact quantities here, not even exact vegetables, freestyle it and use what ever you have on hand.

I roasted up a mix of veggies;
(Two lots actually as I am making pizza's tomorrow night =saves firing the oven up twice)

I used, carrot, butternut pumpkin, onions -red and brown, garlic -whole crushed cloves -a full bulb worth, parsnip, a bulby looking thing that i think is a tweed or turnip (?) it was in a pack of soup mix veggies as well as zucchini and squash (which I added a bit later so they didnt turn to mush)

With a little drizzle of olive oil, a little salt and pepper, I roasted them till they were all roasty squishy burnt caramel loveliness. The onion really makes this dish, so put in a few.

Then I cooked a packet of fettuccini and stirred through a pack of (defrosted) frozen spinach to wilt.

To dress it, i diced a Roma tomato tossed that in a splash of olive oil, a couple of basil leaves, added the zest of a lemon, as well as the juice, a little salt and a little pepper. -the fresh zing of the dressing works really well to balance the homey, smoky ,roasty goodness of the veggies.

Toss the vegies through the pasta with the dressing, and add a sprinkling of shaved parmesan on top. (Shaved parmesan, none of this powdered grotty business) and you're done!!

I am thinking of adding pine nuts and mushrooms to the mix next time. Perhaps even blistered capsicum.


  1. Sounds good. Pinenuts are always a great addition to pastas. xo m.

  2. we have veggie pastas alot! that sounds yum, I love mushrooms especially.

  3. That's a big bowl of heaven right there! YUM! Would totally be wasted on my hubby though, he is like a child and won't eat his veges.


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