Thursday, January 27, 2011

My creative space, throwing it to the wind!

My creative space is a revisit of an old creative space.

Do you have something that irritates you just by the sight of it? -a half done project that sits there and mocks you every time you see it? Secretly giving you the evil eye and whispering ‘you’re never going to finish me!’

I have discovered recently that the very best thing to get past this is to take the item and throw it to the wind.

A number of years ago we bought a very very expensive piece of exercise equipment. That we couldn't use. (We live in an old Queenslander house, and it wobbles ominously on it stumps if you get up a rhythm anything higher than swift walking speed) the truth is in all likelihood, we wouldn’t use it if we could. It was one of 'those' purchases, a purchase you regret, that you should never have made. -Every time I see the machine, (and I see it all the time because it’s a huge monstrosity and takes up a full quarter of my art room!) I get a sick feeling in my stomach because of how much money we wasted on it. I recently made the decision to sell it at a criminal loss (less than 1/4 of what we paid for it, even though it’s unused) but funnily, the decision to let it go, even whilst 'losing' so much money has lifted a weight off my shoulders. I am no longer tethered to the negativity that surrounds the purchase, I've accepted it as a mistake, taken ownership of the lesson -and let it go.

Well this is like that, but to a much lesser extent. I don't regret starting these squares, not at all, I love the crazy juxtaposition of 70's style colour, its just I have become somewhat of a yarn snob of late -I will only use 100% natural fibres. And I don't see myself taking a step back on this new attitude. The fact that these are 100% acrylic -whilst ideal for some situations means that the reality is, These little babies will sit unfinished for ever. I'm not going to invest the time to finish them, and even if I did, I wouldn't use anything made with them as they're acrylic.

So, I am letting them go. Would you like them? There are over 50 of them complete, and yarn enough to do another 200 or so I am sure. I will post them anywhere in Australia,-the pattern for the motif, is the circle in a square pattern. I got from quarter of an inch.

To enter the giveaway, in keeping it positive, I am going to ask for a tip - something you do to keep your space happy. To stay positive in your environment - or your mind environment.

Leave your comments below and I will pick my favourite on valentines day, and send this little parcel of love on its way. - be sure to be sure I can contact you.


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  1. I can completely relate to your post. I've been cleaning up my studio space which I must say was insanely messy. I came across quite a few unfinished projects, a few I kept but the fate of the others happened to be the op shop bag. I feel so much better for it!

  2. Oh they are gorgeous!! I can be a yarn snob with making items such as clothing, beanies and gloves but I love acrylic for blankets, maybe because of it's durability while I have little kiddies at home. To keep my space happy I have a big board full of beautiful inspirational quotes, that I love to mull over and lots of lovely inspirational pictures of places, people and things I love.

  3. I totally agree about 100% natural fibre!

    Why don't you donate them to - Sarah is making up blankets from granny squares made by people all over the world for the Queensland flood victims.

  4. I'm sure they will be much appreciated here


  5. I agree with Fiona and Kaleidoscope. These little beauties will fit in perfectly

  6. Thanks Ladies, I thoguht of Sarah's drive first, but she's after 5 round squares and these are only 4, but, I am going to check with her anyway! It is certainly a great cause. I'll let you know!

  7. I just discovered crocheting, so I would love to win them. I don't live in Australia but in France, the shipping are for me. My creative space is always a MESS. I need to clean after each project there are pins everywhere, threads and pieces of fabric everywhere...... But i can live with it.

  8. There beautiful...But can't crochet past a chain stitch...:)
    I agree with the other ladys about donating them to Sarah..:)

    Yes I have 2 Brian Froud books. I picked up Master Snickups Cloak for 50 cents at a school fete last year.
    Have you check out,
    I love her art work...:)

  9. Hello Bianca!!!
    How generous are you giving away your yarn and squares! Please don't enter me as my house is chocka-block with art supplies and wool, and rapidly getting fuller as a dive into the world of felting!
    I keep my space clean and clear by working one part of the house at a time and giving it a damn good clean and cleanse, pulling stuff out of cupboards and washing the cupboards etc etc i did it all after christmas and oh my goodness, what a great vibe!
    As for the fleece, well... my Mum has fleece for sale, it's not organic but also not commercial and her sheep are raised as a pet flock so they're ethical sheep! Her fleece is washed and carded, but the only thing I wonder is.... will MAF let it into Aussie? I'll ask her about it when I see her thisarvo, and also, I'm getting some too and will post it so you can see what it is like!
    Hope that is helpful! otherwise, go dierctly to the horse herself at

  10. lf you havent yet got rid of those gorgeous squares- l would very gladly buy them from you..l knit & crochet for the Inverell Wrap Withe Love team..We meet at Inverell library second Tuesday each mth.. l am also crocheting squares for the QlD flood appeal..Thru our Wrap With Love Team.. Best Wishes, Pam Clarke.. Bingara, NSW, Australia..

  11. hi there!! they are gorgeous i think the best thing for me is to have a clean space lots of natural light and animals around : ) as well as some amazing oils burning in the burner that makes me happy as well as peace of mind to get things done!!!

  12. Hi Bianca, how generous of you to give these away, after all the work you have put into them. I live in a caravan near Hervey Bay and it is a real mess, with all sorts of arty and crafty stuff everywhere. My New Years resolution is to clean it out, throw out anything unfinished (almost everything I start doesn't get finished) and make space to think and create anew. My suggestion is the same as some of the ladies above, donate them if you can. That way they will definitely be put to great use and your work will have been very much worth it. What a wonderful gesture though, best of luck in the New Year ahead. Lesley


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