Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For Every Season (turn, turn, turn)

I've been turning inward of late. It doesn't leave a lot of thought to be projected outward, so this space is a little vacant. As am I. but I am still here, in spirit at least, even if I've nothing of consequence to say.

Spring is here. The Goddess is dancing and majick abounds.

The moon is entering its new phase, there will be an awakening soon, I can already feel a pull.

I'll be back soon with plenty to share the moment the words materialise.

Thanks to everyone who has checked in on me.


  1. I can relate to that...I quite frequently feel that way. Beautiful photograph. And yes yay! It's spring!!:) x

  2. Hi, from New Zealand, I too can feel the pull of Spring, what a wonder she is, new beginnings, new growth. I can not wait. love and light Marie


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