Thursday, July 29, 2010

'Shroom harvest

My mushies are going OFF! Swiss browns and your regular buttons.
For scale, that is my Jacaranda wood bowl ($3.50 from the op shop) its about 40cm across. 
Dinner tonight? Mushroom fettuccine with garlic, lemon and sage butter.


  1. Oh yummo!
    My poor little mushroom kit has been abandoned. I have it down in the garage where I always forget to visit. So we have made the decision to move it up into the house so we can't forget to give it the love and attention it needs.
    A friend came to the rescue with some excess shrooms that came up in her compost, YAY!


  2. Oh man they look good! And that recipe sounds awesome! Great job growing them, I have been considering it for a while now, is it hard? Sam x


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