Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space at the moment involves a number of projects 'on the go'...some of which have been going now, it seems for ages, but will I've no doubt, eventually get there. First up is a bag, knitted in the round that is destined to be felted. I thought when I started it that the juxtaposition of brown and pink and green was pretty ordinary...but its starting to grow on me. So its fate (once I can master knitting on 3 sticks to actually finish the thing, as that is all it requires) is yet to be determined.

You could say I caught the paper pieced hexagon bug. It seems to be going around. I thought I'd find it tedious, but in fact, its quite meditative -especially for those 'eh' moments when you're not entirely sure what you feel like doing creatively.

Lastly (this week) as my husband pinched my knitted slippers last winter and wore the bottom out AND put his big toe through the end, I have decided to felt my 'over the rainbow' slippers my Nan made me from a hank of hand spun wool I got from Salamanca Market in Tasmania a couple of years ago. I now have the pattern if anyone is interested, and have knitted my husband 2 pairs of his own to keep him out of mine!

Meanwhile, I am having a give away tomorrow to celebrate my 49th post.
Yep, I am relatively new to the 'blogisphere'. So y'all come back now y'hear?

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  1. Did you use all different fabrics when doing those hexagons? I like having those kind of projects to fall back on when I run out of ideas too, but mine usually involve stripes... I should give this a try. Do you know of any good tutorials?

  2. Rainbow woolly slippers destined to be felted.....I love them! x

  3. Can't wait to see the slippers all felted. Can't wait to see what's in store tomorrow. xo m.

  4. Love the bag! Knitting takes forever huh... but it's so worthwhile once it's done!

  5. wow! You have been busy. I love the pink and green combination - love to see the bag when it's felted.

    See you tomorrow!

  6. Your have been a very busy lady! I love all the hexagons joined together they look so pretty and your rainbow slippers look oh so cute and nice and warm. xo

  7. NICE i wish I was half this crafty but I usually end up with more ideas than actions... I love the hexagons, and your slippers are sweet! I will be back tomorrow.


  8. What lovely projects!!! Love those hexagons...and the slippers look like rainbows for your feet!!
    xo maureen


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