Friday, July 16, 2010

The law of attraction. Winners all round.

Send it out to get it back, it works. The universe provides.

The very day I announced my give away, I won this little beauty from Hannah over at Chicken Willow. The very day I am tallying up names for my draw, my very own ipad sleeve arrived in the letterbox. AND, as luck would have it (I don't own an ipad) it fits my gardening journal perfectly! If you want to win one of your very own, be sure to pop over to Hannah's as she has another giveaway going. 

A very big thank you to all my regular followers, as well as my new followers and of course everyone who left me comments (I love comments). I've placed all your names in a bowl... and without further ado... the winner of my book give away is.... 

Tricia from Little Eco Footprints. Tricia, hope little eco likes the book, I'll be sure to pop a few extra's in the package for you too! If you want to email me your details, I'll get this off in the post to you.


  1. Ah karma is such a beautiful thing!

  2. So glad you like it Bianca! I love that it fits your gardening journal.

  3. The colours are so perfect for a gardening journal. Your blog is luverly, great photos and great message.

  4. Yay!! We won, we won! I've just emailed you my postal details. Little Eco will love the book. Thank you and have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. Congratulations Tricia! Thanks Bianca for the opportunity. Oh, and congratulations to you too! what a lovely prize:)

  6. what a great prize! I have to admit, I have no idea what an i-pad is... like you, no TV, minimal appliances and electricity usage... I stumbled across the internet as I HAD to get a laptop when I started polytech last year!!! Your salt crystal lamp is GORGE... the photo you took is just lovely! They're the best... I do believe science proves that they work for positive benefit... lose the green guilt over it, sounds like you're living an extremely conscious life and improving it even more! Have a lovely weekend


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