Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a stinker

Everything I use on my body is green and natural -home made, or scrupulously sourced, right down to my shampoo and face cream and it all works exceptionally well -even better than their chemical cousins.

All.....except one. Deodorant. -I have tried crystals -a concept that I love, but alas does not love me. I have tried Avalon organics Rosemary deodorant - which is divine except for the fact that you still stink of BO underneath. Lastly I tried Natural Instincts mineral salt spray... I am counting down the minutes before I get to go home and shower.

They don't work -on me personally that is. I am sure they might work on non stinky people.
But alas, I am not a non-stinky person. I am, as I said, a stinker. I can even out-smell neat patchouli oil. Then at least I smell like a stinkey hippie instead of just a regular stinkey.

Are there any fellow stinkers out there that have found a natural product that DOES work?

Please share!


  1. Thankfully the crystals work on me. I've had the same one for three years and cannot imagine it ever wearing out.

    A numer of eco bloggers have fond Angry Chickens natural deoderant recipe works well. You can read one rave review here:

  2. I'm sorry you have this issue. I wish I could be a bit more help but I stink unless i cry (it's the wierdest thing ever) and it's always terrible since I never wake in the morning and so "oh I think I wil have a good cry today better get out some deodorant! So I always just say when my day stinks, so do I!! Best of luck to you.


  3. ummm, you could move somewhere cold.

    sorry no real help from me!

  4. I've hear tee tree oil is the way to go!


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