Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bye bye ma Poe.

You were just too much of a free spirit.
Running off with that gypsy of a bush turkey to join his little harem.

You just don't see the danger crossing the yard with the big dog.
Or the main roads.
And no matter how many holes in the fence I plugged up, you always found another.
Then you didnt come home for two days.

Until this morning.

You came home whisteling and clucking about the yard, blissfully unaware that I was lurking in the shadows waiting. With a box. A box to put you in. You've been in a box before. It broke my heart to shut that lid on you, and to put you in the car. To separate you from your flock sisters.

But now you've gone to a better place. (not 'that' better place)
You've gone to live with my brother and his family, and their chooks.
I know his chooks are different to you (he has Australorps) but you'll have free reign in their run and coop. You won't have to conform, you'll have the run of the place.

You'll be safe. I know you'll be happy.

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